Tips To Help Sell Your House For More

Selling your house is a big task. A lot of work from both you and your real estate agent go into
making the sale happen. An important part of that sales process is getting your house in a state
to which you earn the right amount of money.

Today we are going to cover some tips to help sell your house for more.

Clean Even More Frequently

This should go without saying, but so many people miss this one little step. When trying to sell
your house you should be cleaning daily. You never know when someone might want to view
your house. Plus, a little work every day prevents you from having to rush before a showing.

Work With A Professional Photographer

Taking photos with your phone is an option, but it is not the option that will get you the most
attention. A professional photographer doesn’t just have the equipment to make them
professional, they have the skills. They can make rooms feel bigger, adjust the room to appear
desirable, and otherwise work to make your home appealing.

Your pictures are the first selling point of your house in an online listing. Making them good,
makes it more likely someone will be willing to offer more money.

Make Your House A Blank Slate

By making your house a blank slate, we don’t mean emptying the whole house. What we think
you should do, is to remove all of your personal items from your home. Anything that screams
you, should go. The idea is to make people able to picture the house as theirs.

Here are some of the items you should remove:
● Pictures
● Certificates
● Artwork
● Collections

Remove Anything That Makes The House Feel Smaller

Starting with general clutter, start removing anything that makes your house feel smaller. A
smaller home is often a less desirable one so getting rid of or storing anything that takes up
space is ideal. Clutter is one of the biggest culprits of reducing the size of your home, so it is
often a good place to start.

Other items that may make your home feel smaller include furniture, workout equipment,
boxed items, and the like.

Upgrade Small Things Around The Home

Performing one major upgrade to your home will make one room look really good, but what
about the rest of the rooms? Instead of one large upgrade, make small upgrades throughout
the house. Replace the appliances, change out floors, install new blinds, these types of things
can make the whole house look better and you often spend less than one large upgrade.
Another simple upgrade that can be done is yard improvement. Plant new
flowers/bushes/trees. Move the lawn and sweep walkways. If you can, replace walkways and
beautify empty spaces.

Increase Light In Your House

Look through your house and find areas where you can add more light. In places where it is
possible, find ways to add natural light. In other locations, add lamps or fixtures. Using light
bulbs that put out natural-like light is optimum.

Craft A Winning Listing

Work with your real estate agent in order to craft the best listing possible. That means taking
quality photos, creating digital floor plans, including all of the information you have, and
gathering information about the neighborhood. The more information and the more
attractively you can display it, the more likely people will want to spend more money on your

Target The Right People

Find the people that really want your house, those who are willing to spend the money it takes
to get your house. For example, if your house is on a golf course, find those who like to golf and
like the design house you have. Your real estate agent isn’t the only who can market your
house. You can too.

To help find the target buyer conduct research. Look at houses that have sold in your area and
research the market. You can also use Facebook and other social media platforms to target
specific audiences.
Take these tips to mind and you will be able to increase the value of your home. A large amount
of these tips will allow you to get a larger and larger amount of money for your home. What
have you done in the past to get more money for your home? Let us know in the comments
down below.

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